Opening Doors for Everyone
At the YMCA of the Palouse, we believe in providing equitable access to our enriching programs, regardless of one's financial situation. We proudly offer Financial Assistance for our Elementary After School programming, Spring Break, and Summer Day Camps, ensuring that all members of our community can benefit.

Financial Assistance for our Elementary After School programs ends with each semester's conclusion, while for Spring Break and Summer Day Camps, it ceases at the camp's end. To maintain your Financial Assistance, please ensure you reapply before the current support period expires.

Sliding Scale and Application Process
Our commitment to fairness and consistency is reflected in how we determine assistance amounts. Discounts on program fees are calculated using a sliding scale based on the annual household income, aimed at accommodating a wide range of financial needs. To aid in determining where your family fits on scale, we have provided two tables: one illustrating the scale annually and the other monthly, for your convenience

Applicants are required to provide income verification for all adult household members and dependency proof for each child to qualify for Financial Assistance. Memberships and program assistance are reviewed EVERY semester (Fall, Spring & Summer) to confirm ongoing eligibility. Additionally, it is imperative that any material changes in financial circumstances be communicated to the YMCA promptly. The Board reserves the right to disqualify any financial aid if it is discovered that information was intentionally withheld or misrepresented. This measure ensures the integrity and fairness of the Financial Assistance Program.

Governance and Oversight
All decisions regarding financial awards are made with great care and discretion by the YMCA of the Palouse’s Board Of Trustees. This ensures that our process remains transparent, equitable, and aligned with our community's needs.

Please note that, in exceptional circumstances, the board reserves the discretion to award assistance amounts higher than those indicated on the sliding scale tables. This ensures we can accommodate unique situations and provide support where it is most needed.

Contact Information
To maintain your Financial Assistance, reapplication before the expiration of your current award is necessary. Memberships and program assistance are reviewed EVERY semester (Fall, Spring & Summer) to confirm ongoing eligibility.

Should you have any inquiries about Financial Assistance or wish to learn more about program rates, please do not hesitate to reach out via or call us at (509) 332-3524. Our team is here to support and guide you through the application process.

How to Apply
You must turn in a complete financial assistance application form that is available in the resources section below. You will also need to include the required documentation to prove annual household income.  Completed applications and documentation can be emailed our our office at or delivered to our office at 105 NE Spring Street, Pullman, WA 99163. 

Are there any exceptions to the scale?
Per the discretion of the YMCA of the Palouse’s Board Of Trustees, certain special circumstances may be taken into consideration if families are unable to pay at the above-discounted rates, for example, significant medical expenses. If you believe your family should be considered for special circumstances, please submit a typed explanation along with your application, and supporting documentation that verifies your circumstances.

When does my assistance expire?
Financial Assistance expires after the end of each semester for the After School Childcare Program, and at the end of the program for Spring Break Day Camp and Summer Day Camp. In order to continue to receive program discounts, families must reapply for financial assistance.


Financial Assistance Form