Doing simple activities, learning life skills.

"My husband is a farmer in Colton, WA and I work at WSU and the cost of summer camp was not affordable for three kids. I wanted my kids to be in a safe environment, learn new skills, and have fun. We live in the country and have limited options for older kids over summer break and I was very worried about the upcoming vacation.

I worked at the YMCA in Pullman when I was 15 years old and I loved it. I remembered that they did not turn kids away who needed help. I contacted Lisa last year and she let my kids try Spring Break Day Camp in 2015 and they loved it...My country kids had opportunities to do things like ride a city bus, go to the movies, and go to the pool every week. Simple activities, but really important life skills.

2016 has been a hard year for my family. Since it did not rain, our crops did not yield well. I had a medical emergency, causing us to get behind on some bills. Knowing my kids can return to the YMCA gives me great relief. I am so thankful for the YMCA."