Thank You YMCA and YMCA Donors!

"My son, aged nine, in the Explorers group, loves the YMCA camp. He used to always complain about summer daycare, and I always felt that we were too busy to give him a real summer vacation. He is excited to go to YMCA camp everyday. The activities such as going to Orphan Acres, Bishop Place, and the pool are very enjoyable to him. These activities are more like the fun summer vacation that he wanted.
I love the wide-open and all inclusive community space in the Sunnyside cafeteria and that they have access to the playground. It's great that the YMCA uses our existing community spaces.
The YMCA also helped us out financially by giving us a reduced rate. I don't know what we would have done otherwise. We didn't qualify for Washington State daycare support because my wife isn't working, but she is working on her dissertation and puts in 50-60 hours a week and needs to get it done. We are in a tough situation because I work for a nonprofit and don't have very good income. YMCA support was instrumental to our family being able to work and complete school as we need to this summer.
Thank you YMCA and YMCA donors!"