Our civic-minded students and community members take social responsibility very seriously. We know that giving back and supporting our neighbors is a way to make a true impact and strengthen the community.

For more information about volunteering with any YMCA of the Palouse program, contact our volunteer coordinator at  or call the Y office at (509) 332-3524

Elementary After School Programs
The Elementary After-School program is a perfect volunteer opportunity for those that either want to go into the education field or just love to work with kids! This program serves children ages 5-12 at all 3 Pullman elementary schools. Volunteers assist with homework, curriculum, service learning opportunities and develop supportive relationships with participants. (2:45 pm - 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday). We ask that volunteers commit to at least two days per week over the course of the semester.

Practicums and Internships
Practicum hours can be fulfilled with any YMCA of the Palouse program. For 200 hours and above, we offer multiple different types of office internships. To complete 90 hours and above, students volunteer for our Elementary After School programs for at least 3 days/week. 45 hours can be fulfilled through a combination of the Elementary After School program and Special Olympics program. 12 hours and under are best fulfilled through our Young Athletes program. More information can be found under specific program volunteer pages on our website.

Due to the demographics of people we serve we do not offer court-ordered community service volunteer opportunities.