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About the Program

Seasonal sports, including bowling, basketball, and track and field provide social, physical, and emotional growth opportunities for community members with developmental disabilities ages 8 and up. Each season, we welcome new athletes of all intellectual and physical ability levels and offer the opportunity for each athlete to compete to the best of his or her ability level. These programs foster healthy living strategies, courage, joy, and lifelong friendships. Each season ends with team participation in East Regional Tournaments, with opportunities to qualify for State Games. There is also a pizza party to congratulate the athletes for all of their hard work! Go Cougs!

Contact the Program Coordinator at specialolympics@palouseymca.org for more information!

*If your athlete is new to Special Olympics, they must fill out an Application for Participation (AFP) and submit to the YMCA of the Palouse. This form will require a doctor's signature. Forms are valid for 3 years. Forms can be found in the resources section below.

Sports Offered

Bowling: September - November at Zeppoz Bowling Alley (780 SE Bishop)

Basketball: November - January in Sunnyside Elementary Gym (425 SW Shirley)

Track and Field: March - May at the Lincoln Middle School track (315 SE Crestview) 



Special Olympics Athlete's Application for Participation
2017 Track and Field Season Schedule