Kenwyn Richards, Secretary
Kenwyn Richards is originally from Fullerton, CA where she began her career in the construction industry. After several years of managing and owning the family business, she moved to Tucson, AZ where she attended the University of Arizona and completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After approximately 10 years in Arizona, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, this time in Accounting. After 18 years in construction and two degrees later, she decided to check out the Palouse. She spent 5 years at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in their finance department specializing in Payroll accounting. While at Schweitzer, she obtained her Master’s degree in Accountancy from Golden Gate University and in 2015, she decided to try her hand at public accounting. She currently is an accountant for Wills & Associates, PLLC in Pullman. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and helping her community through the YMCA.